A Unique Heritage.

Where were you? Most Americans know exactly where they were when they heard about the 9/11 attacks. If you were recently separated from military service, chances are good that you looked for ways to participate in our nations response. For those who came from the special operations community or the Marine Corps, many of us found our way to Blackwater. The Company quickly became A melting pot for branches of the military and federal law enforcement communities.

With hundreds of thousands of successful missions, we are proud to carry over that experience and expertise into A line of products for professionals and tactical enthusiasts.

Blackwater incorporates state of the art materials and revolutionary designs to produce the next generation of light weight precision ammunition.
Blackwater uses the most modern manufacturing process to improve and enhance the accuracy and reliability of our ammunition.
Our cases weigh significantly less than standard brass cartridges. This weight savings reduces the burden on the soldier, law enforcement officer, airplane, helicopter or vehicle.
Blackwater is known for many things - but above all - the company is known for the highest quality in the industry.
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